Damaged during transport, discrepancy and short delivery

You must notify us immediately upon receipt if the goods are damaged during transport to assess the severity of the damage, send out additional goods and have the damaged goods returned. Do not discard any damaged packaging material until you have made contact with us.

Incorrectly ordering of product

Please notify us within 7 days of receiving the goods. Do not use the product. Return the goods in its original packaging, for replacement with the correct product.

We may charge additional freight costs plus any additional costs we incur to make the returned product suitable for sale again. This may include new packaging or (part) refilling the bottle/container.

Defective goods

If you find the goods being defective you must notify us within 7 days of the defect occurring and identify specifically the nature of the defect. Stop using the product. If at our discretion we agree with you that the goods are defective, return to us for replacement.

Not applicable for consideration as defective goods are goods not stored or used according to instructions or are past the used by date (if applicable).

Please contact us to discuss the reasons for your returns.